Skater Girl in Miami

Skater Girl in Miami

I admi it: I love skater girl’s style. I met already in Munich a great Skater Girl and today I was lucky again. While walking on the board walk she passed me but I was not quick enough to stop her. But I met her again! She was in such a flow it was great watching her to cruise along!

“I am doing it already for 5 years. I wondered if I should stop since I am getting older but I never found any reason to stop! It is so much fun!”

What an amazing girl!!! I usually can pick quickly which picture to post but with her there were just two I had two pin here!!


2 thoughts on “Skater Girl in Miami

  1. HEY !!… its me ! Cecilia, thank you so much for the post. Its super flattering and empowering . Thank you!

    • Hi Cecilia,
      I am flattered you like the post. I hope I will run into you again! It was super great to meet you! Thanks again for your patience!

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