Meet my master


I am a very positive person. This is why I give compliments to people on the street – just like that. This is why I love doing the blog – because I can portrait people I like and who give me this positive energy back. And today I met my master.
Today I met a very amazing young girl with one of the coolest haircuts I know. I went to her to tell her that I love her style and haircut and got a very broad and charming smile for an answer. I was very astonished to learn from her  dad that she actually does not have this haircut because she wanted to have it but because of a auto-immun decease. She is loosing her hair because her body is fighting against the hair roots. After loosing bigger and bigger patches on the head the parents decided to shave the head and leave one small braid on the very top. I wish I had such cool parents! Cool or not – it was not that easy. Mainly for the parents, the father told me. “She is so positive and deals so confidently with it. I mean, it is difficult – especially as a girl – and we went through hard times, but she never complains and wears this haircut with big pride. No matter what others say – and especially elderly people can be very cruel. They start pointing fingers at her and speak about her as she would not hear it. But she smiles it off and is very positive.”
I was very impressed by this young lady and happy to hear that this decease at least does not effect any other body parts which means she is a super agile and healthy kid apart from a bald head. It only makes me mad that other people can be so mean. But my favorite part of this whole story is the super positive family attitude. She is very lucky to have such a great family around her.

P.S.: I usually do not do kids on my blog. But this family was just too fantastic. And for sure I sent the text and the picture to the parents before publishing it to make sure they agreed with what I say.

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