Subway Skiing

Subway SkiingI love those special occasions: a skier in the subway. He was smiling so nicely and was so confident and happy – and so super cool. I had to ask him. David from the East Coast US is here to learn German, working part time for an American company and later aiming for a master degree. And I love his style. Tired coming from a ski trip with the LMU Ski group he was still super happy and funny. But “Stille Wasser sind tief” as we say: Here is what he says about himself:

“My only real concern at the moment is the security situation in Europe as a result of the refugee crisis. I believe that to-date it has been extremely poorly managed, and as a result I know many girls who fear for their safety when they previously did not. A society in which women and children can not feel safe is not a society worth having.”

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