Don’t worry, be happy

“I am 70 years old. I am just trying to live in the now and not in the future and not in the past. Just live now. But it is very difficult. I am very happy with where I am now. But life happens so quick and then it is over.

I came to Europe my first time in 1968 and that was the big summer of love. Then I hitchhiked across North Africa, and then stayed in Greece, and then I hitchhiked to India, Afghanistan, Iran and all those countries. I have been all over the world: South America, Thailand.

Sometimes I struggle – for example with my thrombosis in my leg – but I try to keep a good outlook. Because if you don’t have a good outlook you are in big trouble. I am just happy but wished I would have come back earlier.

Life is so interesting and I meet so many neat people. And a lot of people tell me I should write a book. But I think what really happens with live is, when you really finally figuring out everything then you die.

The only think I worry about now is all this knowledge, I gathered and all the things I experienced – I am will not be able to give it to someone else. That’s the thing: I would like to pass it along. But someone said to me: “You never lose anything. Don’t worry: it will always be there.”

My hole philosophy is this “Don’t worry, be happy” thing. I have always been that way. But now that I get older all I do is worry. And this is what aging means. I even lost 45 pounds in the last year – just because I worry. That’s all I do – I worry too much. And that is not good.

And then I meet people coming from nowhere and then I am happy again. That is such a beatiful thing. I live for that. I love people and I love life.”

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