I was in New York for a year and I have seen so many cool people there. I had the idea of making about blog about great people in New York – but I did not have the guts to do it. (And now there are so many super cool blogs about the same topic for each city with the pioneer Brandon of Humans of New York)

When I came back to Munich I realized that there are also very cool people in Munich and so I took all my heart and started the blog I always dreamt of: a blog about great, interesting and cool people in Munich. And here it is: Portraits of Munich wants to introduce you to fascinating people in Munich and will also present you some great shops, restaurants or ideas what to do in Munich – with a little sparkle of some amazing portraits during my trip through the US in 2015 (check out the tag USA).

If you have any comments, feedback or ideas, please let me know in your comments below the posts.



One Comment

  1. Met this young ladyone morning when I was on my to bossiness trip:)
    I was still sleepy but she still wanted a picture😂 just for impolite I said okay:)

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