Interview with the author of this blog

What is this blog about?

I want to portrait Munich and its people. I think Munich is a wonderful city and the people I meet all have their story and all stories combined are actually the real portrait of Munich. There is so much more than what you read about a city or what a friend tells you after visiting for a few days…. Even I could not describe Munich properly and I a native who has lived here for a loooong time. All stories together paint a picture of the “real Munich” and this is what I try to capture in this blog.

So who are those people on this blog? How do you select them?

The goal of this blog is to portrait people. People on the street like you and me. I either approach people literally on the street, ask them for their picture and ask them a few questions. In some cases I arrange meetings with people who are very interesting in my opnion. Of course it is not possible to have a complete view on Munich and I am also only human with my personal preferences whom I want to talk to. But I am trying to bring in as many different views as possible.

Why are you doing this?

Oh well, this is a question, a lot of people ask me – especially since a lot of people I approach fear to be in an add or in some kind of newspaper after the interview.
I am doing this because I love people. I love their stories and finally it gives me a good “excuse” to approach different people and talk to them.
But the true story is that I really would love to convey this feeling I have about Munich: There is a part of this strange city with a lot of snobby, rich people. But there is also a  different part of this city reality and I want to show the authentic cool people living here and the many interesting stories one can unearth just by listening and talking. I would love to show everyone what Munich is really about and the spectrum of people living here.


Who are you?

In my day-to-day life I am a regular person like you. I am working a normal job as a product manager, I am a mother of two wonderful kids, I am a good friend of many wonderful people and I love shooting photos. I am not a professional photographer, but a compassionate student of this art form.

Why is there no picture of you anywhere? Are you hiding?

I am not hiding but I hate photos of me. I always look strange in pictures. This is why I love to stay behind the camera. This is why I love it to take pictures of people and try to capture who they are. And I am improving on this skill picture by picture.


Who is financing this blog? How do you get paid for this?

Nobody pays me, I am paying to make this love of my life happen. I am paying with my time, my love, my heart and my passion to make this possible. If I could find a way to earn money with this I would love to change my profession into becoming a full time blogger immediately. But currently I am not seeing a way which would not also change the character of the blog as well. So this is why this will stay to be a hobby for now…

Do you have a favorite portrait?

This is hard. I just went through all 222 posts I did by today and I could tell you each and every story just by looking at the picture. Since I am looking for my “targets” very carefully and I always have a little chat with them, each and every single post has its own little story for me – often even more than what ends up in the post. So for example the girl I did not dare talking to in Miami during my time in the USA in 2015 and finally she was so wonderful and friendly encouraging me to follow my dream since she also was a blogger. Or that girl who opened her heart to me and told me how much she is missing her sister. Or the punk who first did not want me to take any picture of her and in the end I was allowed to finally make a beautiful photo of her. But this is endless and will not lead me to this one favorite picture. They are all having a great story in my life story.

How can I follow this blog?

There are many ways: you either follow the blog here on WordPress, but you also can follow me on Facebook and Instagram.