“Ich bin Grafikdesignerin und gerade auf meinem Weg in meine Bürogemeinschaft. Nebenher schreibe ich gerade meine Masterarbeit. Es geht um das Scheitern und was man gerade als Kreativer daraus macht oder schöpft. Das ist vor allem in unserer Leitungsgesellschaft gerade spannend. Das Scheitern oder die Angst davor kann ja aber auch ein Motor sein, der dich antreibt. Die Idee ist daraus später eine Publikation zu machen, aber vor allem auch einen Raum zu schaffen, sich über das Thema auszutauschen.”

“I am a graphic designer and I am on my way to my shared office. And I am also writing my master theses. The topic is failing and how to deal with failing or what to take out of it. I think this is a very interesting topic especially in our performance-oriented society. Failing or the fear to fail can also be your motor which keeps you going. The idea is to publish this later and also to create an open room to share your thoughts about it.”

Life – Design


Interestingly enough she was also only on a visit from Dortmund. She studies Design and is here in Munich for Job interviews.

Was there a moment which changed your life?
Yes. It was my 18th birthday. It was the day my mom left the hospital and she has beaten cancer. I got a tattoo just a few days later and my mom got a very similar one. She is fine now and I am very happy about it.

What is important to you?
I want to find a job I love. I want to go to work with a smile and I would love to find something which I want to do all my life.