Music Festival

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There was this music festival Ultra in town last weekend. And she just flew into town for this festival. Because she is a blogger for music and writes reviews on A great blog from a super great woman with the coolest style, the most amazing eyes and best smile ever! It was super great meeting her and I will follow her blog now to learn more about what is hot and what is not!



I watched this man playing with his kid a couple of times already and my heart always warmed up how sweet he was treating her. When I passed them today they were waving at me and went to them. She was very interested in my camera and was absolutely delighted when she saw herself and her daddy on the display afterwards. What does a kid need? An ipad? A loving daddy?

Skater Girl in Miami

Skater Girl in Miami

I admi it: I love skater girl’s style. I met already in Munich a great Skater Girl and today I was lucky again. While walking on the board walk she passed me but I was not quick enough to stop her. But I met her again! She was in such a flow it was great watching her to cruise along!

“I am doing it already for 5 years. I wondered if I should stop since I am getting older but I never found any reason to stop! It is so much fun!”

What an amazing girl!!! I usually can pick quickly which picture to post but with her there were just two I had two pin here!!