Prague #2


Half Czech and half Austrian, married to a Texan she is not only wearing the most beautiful dress from a friend but seems to be multitalent: model, mother and designer of some hand embroidered cardigans. I loved here sweet and convenient way when we met her on a Sunday at the Moldau. Next time in Prague I have to make sure I will step by her shop and the one of her friend – I have to have this dress!

Prague #1


After a long time with no travel we spent one more weekend out of Munich: it’s only a very convenient 5 hour bus drive to Prague – something I can only highly recommend. And here the people are super cool.

So here is my first example: in the restaurant Eska in the very trendy quarter Karlin I met those two girls. The food was more than excellent and if you know that someone so cool is baking and serving your cake then you know you are in heaven!