Vida Loca


“Ich habe ziemlich viele Tattoos. Mein erstes Tattoo hab ich mit 12 gemacht. Ich habe eine recht lange Zeit ein sehr verrücktes Leben gehabt – ein echts “vida loca”. Mein Sohn hat mir wahrscheinlich mein Leben gerettet. Jetzt mache ich jeden Tag Sport und überlege mir, ob ich Tattoo-Model werden soll. Allerdings habe ich ein paar Tattoos, die von keinen Profis gemacht wurden und die sind leider nicht mehr so schön.

Vor einiger Zeit bin ich wegen meinem Partner zum Islam übergetreten. Er kommt aus Marokko. Unseren Sohn werden wir auch mit dem Islam aufziehen. Natürlich ist das ein recht liberaler Islam. Ich würde mich nie verschleiern und die ganzen Tattoos und so wären auch nicht in Ordnung. Aber der strenge Islam wäre so oder so nichts für mich: weil mir niemand sagen dürfte, was ich tun soll.”


“I have plenty tattoos. I got my first when when I was 12. I had a pretty long time with a crazy life – a real “vida loca”. My some kind of why saved my life. Now I am doing sports every day and I am thinking to become a tattoo model. But some of these tattoos have been done by non-pros and did not turn out that well.

A while ago I converted to the Islam for my partner. He is from Morocco. We will raise our son also with the Islam. But for sure this is a pretty liberal Islam. I would never walk around covered all over and all the tattoos and so on would also not be possible. A strict Islam would be nothing for me anyway: because nobody is allowed to tell me what I should do. “

Cool parents


“Wir kommen eigentlich aus Nürnberg, aber wir mussten einfach mal wieder raus. Tapetenwechsel. Er hat schon ein Kind in der Pubertät und für mich war es das erste Kind. Den Spagat hinzubekommen zwischen einem Kleinkind und einem Teenie ist oft gar nicht so einfach, aber das funktioniert echt ganz gut – vor allem weil der Große echt sehr cool und ausgeglichen ist. ”

Ich hab die beiden getroffen, als sie gerade ein Stückchen entfernt von einem entzückenden Jungen auf Stühlen saßen, während der Kleine gerade auf dem Bürgersteig saß und den ersten Anflug eines Wutanfalls hatte und ein wenig rumschrie. Aber das ganze war auf seiner Seite etwas halbherzig. Sie saßen da, beobachteten ihn, sprachen beruhigend auf ihn ein und waren einfach super cool. Kein Wunder, dass die Kids so unfassbar relaxed sind! Bei den tollen Eltern!!!

“We actually are from Nuremberg, but we just had to get out. Change of Scene. He already had a kid who is in the middle of puberty. And for me for me it was the first kid. The balancing act between a toddler and a teeny is not always easy but it works out pretty fine – especially since the big one is quite cool and relaxed.”

Body Painting Model


“Ich war eine Zeit Body Paint Model. Johannes Stötter hat ein Dorf weiter von meinem Heimatort gewohnt und so bin war immer wieder mal bei Projekten dabei. Den “Frosch” kennen viele – da war ich auch ein paar mal dabei und wir sind durch Live-Shows und so getingelt. Inzwischen ist allerdings mein Rücken so stark tätowiert, dass auch die Body-Paint-Aufträge nachgelassen haben. Hier in München bin ich eigentlich gerade nur auf Heimaturlaub. Inzwischen wohne ich nämlich in Wien – in einer WG mit 4 Leuten wo eigentlich nur Platz für 2 ist.”

“I was a body painting model for a while. Johannes Stötter lived just a few minutes from my home in the next town and this is how I got involved in some projects. The “frog” is what most people heard of – I was part of this a few times and we went to a couple of live shows on TV as well. In the meantime the jobs got less and less for me since my whole back is one huge tattoo now. Here in Munich I am just on “Heimaturlaub” (vacation at home). I am living in Vienna now – in a shared flat with 4 people where there is actually only enough space for 2.”




A hell of a story

hell of a story.jpg

“Sure, you can take a picture of me and I have a hell of a story to tell.

My fiance died two years ago and this trip is probably my way of dealing with it. Others spend thousands and thousands on therapists, and I travel the world. I started in April in South America, went back home for a while to earn more money, and now I go around Europe. Traveling alone as a woman? I have no problem with that and I do not understand the warnings of others: you have to be careful everywhere – even in your home town. And traveling all by yourself has its advantages and disadvantages: you are never really alone because there is always someone around you. Sometimes traveling with others becomes hard for me now.

While I am traveling I meet new people and I keep in touch with them. Some of them I meet again and again in different places . It is nice to see some people you know. And I meet old friends and people I met on the internet. You have to follow your gut’s feeling and everything will be fine.

I do couch surfing, crush on floors with others. I depend on the kindness of others and on my funding. That’s all I got. My fiance tried to show everyone that there is pure kindness in every human being but he did not have a lot of faith in me that I could travel all by myself through the world. Well, every day I proof him wrong.

I have seen things some Americans even don’ want to see and probably will never see. But I have learned far more during my travel already than I could have ever learned through books or in school.
One of the most impressing things I have seen so far was Auschwitz. I have read about it. I have heard about it. But being there, standing in the middle of everything is something completely different.  Also the Culloden battlefields in Scotland. My ancestors died there and standing in the middle of it all was more than impressive.

Traveling now in my 30ies is a good thing. I guess as a young girl I would party and drink more but I would miss all the really interesting things: culture and the buildings.

I have a tattoo for all countries I travel and I still don’t know what to get for Germany and Austria. I thought about a Brezel but I am not sure yet.”

This blog post is only in English since we only talked in English.

But now I have a two things I would like to ask you, my dear readers:

First: This young lady will be only in Ireland during Christmas and has no plans for Christmas yet. Any ideas or suggestions?

And Second: What would the best tattoo be for reminding you about Germany?

Hello, Kitty!


“Ich liebe Tattoos. Mein Mann nicht so sehr. Ich kam mal nach Hause mit diesem neuen, total schönen Hello Kitty Tattoo und hab ihn gefragt, ob es ihm gefällt. Seine kurze und grandiose Antwort war: >Hübsch. Aber komplett unnötig!<”

Was für ein Charme-Bolzen!

Sie ist eine ganz wundervolle Frau und ihre kurze Zusammenfassung ihres Jobs: “Frauen, die Frauen quälen!” Aber wenigstens kommen alle danach raus und fühlen sich schöner. Und ich werde tatsächlich von niemandem so gerne gequält, wie von ihr!

“I love tattoos. My husband not really. I came back with this very sweet Hello Kitty tattoo and asked him about his opinion. His quick and wonderful answer was: >Nice. But completely unnecessary!<”

How charming 🙂

She is such a wonderful woman and her short summary of her job is: Women who torture women 🙂  At least they are all coming out and feel so much more beautiful! And indeed: if I have to get me tortured I will only go to her!

Travel Girl

Travel Girl

“I am working here at Super Danke to save some money. A week ago I decided to participate in a project to teach kids in Peru about food and nutrition. Now I only have to catch up some Spanish and save some money to go there in a few weeks. After that I will go to Canada and study nutrition science. I hope to get some scholarship for that.”

Super Danke is a hole in the wall on Fraunhoferstraße and sells super delicious smoothies – or as they are called now: organic liquids.

Gothic Girl

Gothic Girl

“My style is very much influenced by the gothic and metal scene I am in. A trip to Japan with some friends a few years ago was also a great inspiration. I would say that currently I am even pretty conservatively dressed and styled. Before I was more “radical” with more colorful hair and so on. My mom is very cool about it. She is just happy that I am not running around like everyone else with clothes of H&M or other big brands.” Continue reading

Skater Girl in New York 

This skater girl is a designer and the beauty she is holding in her hand is one of her creations. Because she is designing longboards for Sector9 and travels to California every now and then for them. Now based in New York she is also working for a company designing lingerie. I wondered about her tattoos on the arm Continue reading