Music and Books

DSC_0414.jpgOr is it Books and Music? But lets start this from the beginning. I mentioned before that I love book shops. Beside Isarflimmern there is another bookstore it is very difficult to get by without buying anything: Wortwahl Bookstore München. They have such a wonderful selection of books and basically hold every single book I loved when I was a child and all the books I read to my kids. Conveniently located at Reichenbachstraße this store is one of the gems I love – either if I need a good art book or I am looking for a present.

Today I was on the hunt for a birthday present for my son’s best friend and I came out not only with a wonderful ebook for her but also with a wonderful portrait after a great lesson about music. The guy behind the counter turned out from the guy with the biker jacket into a real expert of music from the 90ies.

“I kind of gut stuck in the 90ies. I have still two turntables and I am a DJ with real records at Sendling Boogie Breaks – an oldschool club with Electro Funk Breakdance sounds. If I didn’t work in this bookstore I would probably work in a record store.

And I learned a lot about super cool bands and labels: Underground Resistance, N.W.A., Drexciya, Aux88, and and and .. .

Thanks for this lesson!

More information about the bookstore:
Wortwahl Bookstore
art books, great selection of kids books for the very small and also for bigger ones, crafts and design books, audio cds, and and and …
Reichenbachstr. 15, München

3 thoughts on “Music and Books

  1. It’s not
    T.W.A., but
    N.W.A- don’t miss the movie Straight Outta Compton!

    • Oh man, I really got it wrong! I already wondered why I could not find the music we listened to in the shop. I will change it immediately!

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