“When I see a camera, I can’t help: I have to pose.”

That was my favorite line to start of a conversation – especially since I have “observed” him already but did not dare asking him. So we had a super nice talk – Americans just have such a super nice way! After that he gave me an interesting short summary of his life:

“So would it be a correct summary of you life: military, stripping, security service.”

“Yes, this would sum it up very well.”


The Jackson Twinz


Was soll ich sagen: ich war kokmplett fasziniert von ihrem Stil und ihrer Coolness. Die Jackson Twinz pendeln zwischen Amerika, Asien, Deutschland, Frankreich hin und her und sind “recording artists”. Sie produzieren ihre eigene Musik und legen zum Beispiel auf der Silvester Party im Bayrischen Hof immer auf.

Gleich mal die Musik checken: z.B. auf Soundcloud

What shall I say: I was mesmerized by their style and coolness. Commuting between USA, Asia, Germany, France The Jackson Twinz are “recording artists” and produce their own music and are DJs for example for the New Years Eve’s Party in the Bayrischer Hof.

Just check out their music – for example on Soundcloud



Mama cool

On my way in the Upper West Side I did not expect to find any cool people. But look at this Mama cool! My favorite quote of our nice conversation: “But she can also be quite bossy. I have no idea where she got it from. Must be from her dad.” We anyway wish her all the best – for this cutie pie and for the next coming up! And thanks for keeping up my hope to find people with great style even here in the UWS.  

Skater Girl in New York 

This skater girl is a designer and the beauty she is holding in her hand is one of her creations. Because she is designing longboards for Sector9 and travels to California every now and then for them. Now based in New York she is also working for a company designing lingerie. I wondered about her tattoos on the arm Continue reading

Beauty from Ukraine

Is New York ready for Ukrainian Cuisine? I am not sure. But I am sure that everybody is ready for this beauty. She is a server in the restaurant I just had lunch and she was not only dressed super nicely in the traditional clothes and had this beautiful flower band in hair. But she was also super nice and explained us everything. I can highly recommend this place with this beauty from Ukraine: Korchma Taras Bulba on 357 W Broadway

Comedy Dancer

I actually stopped her because of her wonderful style but I never would have imagined to find such an interesting story: “I am a comedian and dancer and sometimes I am even doing both at the same time. We are working a lot with gestures and for example puffing popcorn into your mouth is the performance.” Interesting? Then check out more about on CakeFace on Facebook

The Master of Piano

“I just did my master in Piano. My father used to say: “You can not skip Piano and Chinese School.” In middleschool I picked it up and started loving it. I am not sure if he regrets it now. But I still love it.”

I was passing this young pianist while he was playing on Piano for the People He was playing so wonderfully that I stopped and listened to him for a while. He told me that he is now enjoying the city and gives piano classes. If you need a great teacher, comment here. Perhaps he will read it!